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Verkeersles Mobile App


General Information

The program "Verkeersles" is meant to support you while preparing for your CBR exam (Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheid).

The program is updated and reflects the Dutch traffic regulations 2013 and includes COMPLETE theory required to study for license B:

- Study the Dutch traffic signs and test your knowledge about them
- Read the complete theory and learn about the practical implications in day-to-day situations, correct usage of the road, comply with traffic regulations, technical requirements for the car, suggestions for safe driving in through searchable questions and answers
- Share your experiences and questions with other users on the Verkeersles page on Facebook
- An explanation of terminology used in traffic regulations
- Included are 12 complete sets of 30 questions each

After downloading the application can be used offline. You don't need a network connection to read the info, study or test your knowledge.

The program supports traffic education and can be used to prepare for the CBR (Central Bureau of Driving) driving test in Dutch and English.

The program is not issued by the CBR. The CBR is in no way involved in the development of the application. The information is based on the Traffic Rules and Signs 1990 published in the February 2010 edition of the Ministry of Transport. By shortening and the text changes to the program may not be granted legal status. No liability is accepted for the consequences of wrongful interpretation of the information.

The program is carefully designed and attention is given to the correctness of the information. Nevertheless, the program may contain inaccuracies. Also the developer can not guarantee that the program covers any last minute changes to the traffic regulations. In no way liability is accepted for direct or indirect consequential damages resulting from the use of the program.

Verkeersles for iOS (download)

Covers 2016 traffic rules and legislation changes.

In version 4.1.0 the following modifications are applied:

- iOS 10 compatibility supporting features like Adaptive Layout, Size Classes, Dynamic Text, Multitasking.
- Some technical improvements.

Version 4.0.0 already included:

- New visual design.
- New traffic signs and rules for 2016.
- Possibility to search for traffic signs matching user specified criteria
- Update of traffic theory information.
- Changes to traffic law for 2016.
- Changes to questions and photo's for exams.

Verkeersles for Android (download)

Covers 2013 traffic rulesĀ and legislation changes.

Exactly the same functionality as the iOS version, but previous design awaiting the 2016 update.