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Verkeersles Mobile App Support

Language Support

The user can select either Dutch (Default) or English as language using the globe icon at the top-right of the menu page.


Font Size (Dynamic Text)

The user can change the font size using the standard iOS 9 configuration screen. All text in the app will be adjusted for better readability and displayed in the selected font size e.g. larger or smaller.

Goto the Settings app:

  1. Select 'Display & Brightness'.
  2. Next select 'Text Size'.
  3. Drag the slider to adjust the font size.


Search Traffic Sign

The app offers the user the possibility to search for traffic signs matching certain characteristics e.g. while travelling the user encounters an unknown traffic sign:

  1. Choose the 'Signs' option from the menu.
  2. Next select the looking glass at the top-right of the screen.
  3. The user is offered the possibility to specify shape, colours, type of text or image.
  4. Finally select the arrow at the top-richt corner of the selection page and the traffic signs matching the criteria will be shown.


Multitasking On iPad (Overlay, Split View)

Apple introduced multitasking with iOS 9. Those apps supporting multitasking can share the screen with another app e.g. the user can decide to use half of the screen for the Verkeersles app and the other half for Safari to look-up information about traffic rules.

The following video iOS 9 Split-Screen Multi-tasking explains the feature in more detail.


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